Macro Bootcamp

This is a recording of our 2-day Macro Trading and Crypto/NFT course that will be in-depth across a variety of topics from Interest rates to how to trade crypto with leverage with signals from across the board.

The first session is done and second is due.... On buying the course you get contents of the first session instantly and recording for the second session will be sent over as well.

Some of the topics in the syllabus:

1) Basics about Bond market

2) How to price a bond

3) Yield curve dynamics

4) How does yield curve affect the market?

5) How does the fed control the economy?

6) How does funding affect your positions on Ethereum?

7) Signals from rates/yields/dollar to NFTS

8) Risk management and how to increase your returns with proper money management

9) Ideal risk strategies to reduce drawdown and increase returns

10) Technical signals …..

And 25 additional topics.

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