6529 Memes


Memes by 6529 are ERC1155 tokens of artwork created by different prominent artists from the web3 space like Xcopy, Grant Yun, Alpha Century Kid, OSF, Alienqueen, Reuben Wu, etc. The memes are a framework of spreading the message of decentralization along with education, in a sense that they have a cultural effect on human beings as we have seen in recent years with different brands and ideas. 

Memes can be anything which carries a message across different mediums, it can be a tagline given to the brand or acronym of an idea or an art which resembles human emotion. That is how humans get around society, uniting together feeling the same emotion or essence of an idea. If we notice, memes are already present everywhere around us in politics, sports, culture, brands among others. For example, ‘Just Do it’ - Nike, ‘make America great again’ - Trump campaign or ‘Digital Gold’ resembling bitcoin and an idea in itself.

In similar fashion, memes by 6529 have messages embedded with art. Some of the hits being  ‘freedom to transact’ or ‘Use a hardware wallet’ and which does carry forward the ethos of decentralization.

The Jockey: Punk 6529

This framework of spreading messages via the means of memes was first explained and executed by Punk 6529 (twitter handle). 6529 is a decentralization maxi, with a very deep understanding of blockchain and its vast use cases in terms of self sovereignty and freedom to transact among others. What started as a mere number of CryptoPunk NFT, 6529 has transformed into one of the leading ecosystems working in a decentralized fashion to onboard the next 100M people onto web3. 

The current ecosystem has six different initiatives:

  1. OM - A truly decentralized open metaverse which is community driven, interoperable and composable. Currently, the first district of the first city (Genesis City) is up & running with a goal to make this district a premier destination for learning and understanding about NFTs.
  2. 6529 Museum of Art - It is a permanent collection of Art across all categories. From generative art to photography, 6529 Museum holds the largest and the most valuable NFT collections in the world.
  3. 6529 Capital - It helps larger and traditional investors make wise investments in NFTs. Along with this, the capital also invests in web3 native firms/ecosystems like blur, arbitrum, OnCyber, etc.
  4. Education - With massive informational twitter threads and deep thoughtful podcasts, 6529 and their team is working towards scaling education further and faster in multiple directions. Recently, punk6529 partnered with the University of Nicosia’s online course on NFTs, where he delivered lectures with great content to the students. This whole course took place on OnCyber - a 3D metaverse platform.
  5. Bridge - It is the most experimental technology in the ecosystem, with the aim to bridge the virtual world with the physical world. It is currently under R&D phase.
  6. Collections - NFT Collections which focus on spreading the message of fight for the open metaverse. One of them being the memes, which have attracted lots of whales in the last couple of weeks. 

Journey So Far

It started as an experiment, with ‘seize the memes of production’ as the motto. The first three memes — genesis —  were released on 6/9/2022 and were minted for 0.06529 ETH.

1. 6529 Seizing - art by 6529er

2. SeizeJPGs - art by 6529 himself.

3. Uncle Seize - art by 6529er.

The subsequent cards were also priced at 0.06529 ETH for each meme. In season one, which ran until December 2022, there were a total of eight memes and a total of 47 Cards spread under eight memes. Since these were CC0 — anyone could use these memes in whatsoever manner — derivatives started to emerge in December and many began to notice the collection, which might have marked the start of the bull run. Season 1 ended mightily with XCopy as the artist and name of the card being ‘Exit Strategy’. The floor during the mint was hovering around 4.5 ETH and today it's at 5.5 ETH reaching a high of 9 ETH.

In the graph above, notice the market cap in the last week of November which stood at 12000ETH which quadrupled in the first week of January 2023 and subsequently reaching a high of 71000ETH.

The memes, through its network effect, proved that the collection was on the right trajectory towards its fundamental goal of education and awareness of decentralization. creating a network effect, proved that the Unique collectors grew from 3500 to 7000 in a span of 40 days, with more and more derivatives being released bi-weekly. The derivatives serve the purpose of memes to reach a larger collective.

Ending the season with a banger of an artist, season two commenced on the first of Jan, 23’ with Cath Simmard as the artist for the first card. Subsequently, Grant River Yun was the artist for ‘Meme Factory’ which many loved to collect. So far, there have been 10 cards for season two and many more to come with different artists.

Some impressive numbers on the collection below.

Season two currently has 15 cards, with a total of 3560 collectors and 66 full set collectors. The highest edition card is ‘CoPepe’ which stands at 0.360 ETH, whereas the lowest edition card is ‘Crypto Daydreams’ sitting at 2.750 ETH.


The criteria to get an allowlist or an airdrop may seem complicated, but that’s the price we have to pay to keep things as decentralized/fair as possible. Some of the best way to get an allowlist or an airdrop:

  1. Holding 1/1 of an artist, although the artist isn’t declared until the mint day.
  2. Holding a 6529 RAW, Gradient or 1/1 NFT.
  3. Holding a complete set of a season; season one costs almost 100 ETH now.
  4. Holding editions of an artist, if any.
  5. Holding as many cards as required to be in the top 500/250 unique collectors. So if you hold seven cards of season two and you make it to the top 250, then you get a chance to mint.
  6. Holding a single card - chances here are too low, because of supply/demand factors.

There is a mix of above parameters which goes into generating an allowlist and airdrop list, most of which depends on the supply of the card. For example, ‘We the creators’ card by Oveck had the following mechanics for the drop:

  1. Supply: 1212
  2. Snapshot of all the Oveck NFTs and 6529 Holders
  3. Airdrop: Airdropped a total of 168 cards to Oveck, 6529 team members, 6529 Museum, 6529 Funds, random airdrop to gradient holders and to the top 50 unique card holders.
  4. Allowlist Phase I: Total 1268 addresses were randomly allowlisted, who were holders of Oveck editions, top 750 unique card holders from both seasons, top 300 season two card holders, random gradient holder and random meme holders.
  5. Allowlist Phase II: 500 spots for holders with the top cards (after phase I) and around 250 meme card holders.

The mechanics for the allowlist and distribution will evolve in the future as the team gets more innovative around it.

Concluding thoughts

With the mission being as concrete as it can be for the future of crypto/web3, the memes collection certainly is an innovative approach towards education & awareness, and ultimately towards onboarding the next generation onto web3. There are already lots of derivatives in place which is how the objective is going to be achieved. 

When it comes to the ethos of the team and the collection, there is no doubt that everything is being executed in a decentralized fashion. They have the required experience along with apt knowledge and true ethics which is of course required to build something for a long term. In regards to 6529, the whole space looks at him as a thoughtful leader who is an avid collector of Art & NFTs. The different initiatives by 6529 speaks volume about his view towards space. 

Lastly, the culture being formed with this flywheel is incredible, and the community is here for an extended period of time. All those who resonate with the idea, mission and values, are being pulled into the 6529 ecosystem. It seems this ecosystem will only grow vertically & horizontally as more and more resonate with the idea.


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