Pudgy Penguins


Pudgy Penguins, an NFT Project, is a collection of 8888 adorable penguins wearing sunglasses, bow-ties, Mohawks among other accessories to go with supercool outfits. The collection was launched in July 2021, which then was purchased by Luca Netz — an LA based entrepreneur with massive experience in consumer products — for 750 ETH. The deal happened in early 2022, and since then, these little penguins are in limelight with media coverage from The New York Time and Business Insider among others. 

Before limelight, the penguins had a turbulent ride among the sea of other collections, which ended with demands from the community to change the leadership. This was until Luca purchased it, acquiring just a bunch of smart contracts, the two-dimensional cartoon penguins and an empty treasury. Post acquiring, the goal was to build the company’s foundational structures. This was done so by rebranding the company, aligning the vision among the community members and the team, and forming an advisory board from different industries to bridge the gap between ideas and reality.

In the last quarter of 2022, we saw a massive rise in the floor price going from 2.75 ETH in September to peaking at 7.1 ETH in December end. Currently penguins sit at 6.890 ETH. This rise in the floor — many call it re-pricing — was majorly due to what the team has done in terms of true building since the takeover.

Image taken from Pudgy Penguins Twitter Page, 2023

Journey So Far

Q1 - 2022

  • Acquisition of Pudgy Penguins by Luca Netz.
  • Revamp of the collection from a mere cartoon artwork to a brand. 

Q2 - 2022

  • Pudgy Media, where all the content about the penguins is brought together for the community & by the community. Twitter spaces, recaps, updates, etc. 
  • Miami Yacht Party during F1 weekend for the community. 
  • Launch of Pudgy Marketplace.
  • NFT NYC Events with Shopify.

Q3 - 2022

  • Start of the IP Journey with launch of Pudgies toy line, where the penguins were licensed from the community. One of the first projects to give out true benefits of IP licensing on consumer product end. The licensed penguins were used in toys manufactured by PMI Toys.
  • Airdrop of soulbound tokens to the true members of ‘the huddle’ or community.
  • Penguins children book, again licensed directly from the community. 
  • Release of a collaboration video with Non Fungible Films, announcing the storytelling segment of the brand. Castings of the penguins would be done directly from the community whether it is a short video, a mini series, children’s playbook or even a simple content.
  • Community event in Singapore for all the holders in the Asia region.

Q4 - 2022

  • Launch of ‘Chillin’ with penguins’, a talk show with guests like Andrew Wang, Alex Svanevik, Jonathan Mann, etc. 
  • Sotheby’s auction, along with a successful event at Art Basel. 

Future Roadmap and Vision

In 2023, the brands mission is to onboard people by expanding their line of products into all types of different markets and at the same bridge the gap between web3 & web2 in a way no other project has done. One of the strategies to bridge the gap is utilizing the power of social media. Currently penguins’ Instagram and TikToks are already garnering more than million views.

Penguins might see a partnership with a big web2 brand given its massive scale of outreach. Five years from now, penguins will be on chip packets, comics, children's books, toys and other consumer products. All these will be licensed from the community. Along with IP and Storytelling, the brand is also working on innovative, new products in terms of web3 tech services, one of them being SaaS.

The team understands the journey to be very competitive and are determined to do what it takes to build a brand. Community plays an important role in the growth of the brand and the penguins are truly resilient.

Lil Pudgies

Lil Pudgys is a collection of 22,222 NFTs originating from Pudgy Penguins. Their story began during the most frigid of winters. In the midst of adversity, the birth of the Lil Pudgys helped spark new-life into the Pudgy Penguins community. With their unique traits and personalities, there’s a Lil Pudgy for everyone. Lil Pudgy holders receive exclusive access to experiences, events, IP licensing opportunities and more.

Members of Advisory Board

  1. Alek Svanevik — CEO of Nansen. 
  2. Jordan Sterling — partnerships at Meta. 
  3. RJ Cilley — COO of Saks Fifth Avenue.
  4. Sanjay Raghavan — head of web3 at Roofstock.
  5. Jess Richardson — head of licensing at Hasbro.
  6. Pentoshi — crypto trader 

Penguin Traits

There are a total of 173 different traits, with 5 1/1 of which the floor is 690 ETH. Out of the top 10% in terms of rarity, only 134 are listed with the floor sitting at 8.75 ETH. There are a total of five 1/1s, a mirrored penguin, a pineapple suit penguin, a banana suit penguin, a shark suit penguin, and a ghost penguin.

If you notice in the above chart, the first pump was in April, when Luca took over the project, second and third pump in July and August respectively, during launch of IP journey. Since then, the collection has traded 68300 ETH in volume, with 6% listed and 50% as unique ownership. 

Whereas in the last 30 days, the collection has traded about 3420 ETH in volume with 570 sales, with a rise of the floor from 3.6 ETH to 7.2 ETH. 


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