Rekt Guy


The Rekt Guy project is a community-focused PFP art project founded by OSF and Mando. The message behind the project is "Down bad but never dead," which has resonated with the web3 community. Despite the challenging year of 2022, the community remains united through shared experiences of being "rekt." The project has adopted a "no road map" approach, which has become increasingly popular.

The Rekt Guy Community

OSF and Mando have successfully built one of the strongest communities in the web3 space through the shared experience of being "rekt." The community comes together through real-life events, online discussions, and shared portfolio losses due to black swan events. The "rekt" culture is sustainable, even during a bull market, as everyone in the crypto space understands the ups and downs of losing money. Unlike the short-lived "hype beast" communities, the crypto and web3 culture is built on the mentality of risking money for the potential of making more.

Images from OpenSea, 2023

Art and Community

Rekt Guy does not have a road map, allowing the project to adapt to market conditions. This focus on art and community, rather than utility, has resulted in a strong following. Rekt Guy is not considered high-end art, like Fidenzas or Grifters, but it offers a lower entry point into the collection of one of the leading artists in the space, OSF. OSF's ability to capture the emotions of the web3 community through his art has made him a sought after artist and one of the most influential figures in the space. Additionally, the Rekt Guy community has benefited from the involvement of Alien Queen, who created 10, 1-of-1 pieces for the project. She is another very recognizable artist in the space.

Inclusivity and Price Action

Rekt Guy has a unique culture that promotes inclusivity and a sense of community between the team and holders. This has resulted in favorable price action over the past few months, as art whales and notable collectors such as Cozomo de’ Medici, Punk 6529, Anonymous, Moon Cat, Vincent Van Dough, Snoop Dogg, Seedphrase, and Batsoupyum have acquired pieces. The Rekt Guy community values certain traits, rather than rarity ranks, which results in the highest floor prices and most sought after pieces for those items. The whales often seek out the traits listed in the following table, leading to increased liquidity.

Buy Backs, Unannounced Utility and Future Plans

20% of the revenue from OSF's art, Rekt Guy merch, and royalties goes towards buying back Rekt Guys and vaulting them. The "osfart.eth" wallet already holds 231 Rekt Guys from buybacks. OSF is also a master storyteller, at the start of the year he was “taken” by a figure called the Keeper, over the following weeks the keeper would give out mysterious clues and pieces to a puzzle which ultimately led to a wallet with a Red Light District in it, worth around 16 ETH. Things like this keep the community engaged and rewarded without making promises that cannot be kept. The success of the Rekt Guy project and its focus on art and community bodes well for its future.


Rekt Guy has proven to be a unique and successful project in the web3 space, with a strong focus on art and community. The "no road map" approach has allowed for adaptability to market conditions, while the inclusivity and sense of community have resulted in favorable price action and acquisition by notable collectors. The future looks bright for the Rekt Guy project as it continues to evolve and build a strong following.


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