The Final Frontier for 2022: CPI

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07, December 2022


Calls that hit in the newsletter in the last 3 weeks


We predicted for Powell to be less hawkish and signal the slowdown of pace of hikes while still focusing on targeting lower inflation. This resulted in markets and our QQQ call options moving up significantly. Short term calls in, December and January, were up 150%-200%


Last week we called for Crude to bottom out short-term on the back of China’s Covid zero policies easing. Crude went as high as $88 on Monday, as restrictions were lifted in key cities. Also, Gold remained in accumulation since mid last week, with rallies into the $1800 handle, again as anticipated with our macro view. 


We called spot longs on $ETH, $MATIC, $APE at $1100, $0.80 and $3.5. They are all up 16-25%. 


We called for longs on CloneX (7 eth), Pudgy Penguins (2.5 eth) and Mutant Apes (12 eth). They are all up with Pudgy Penguins being up at 4.5 eth and CloneX at 7.3 eth but you got a 1 eth airdrop of the Egg so net up still. Mutant Apes are around 14 eth at the moment with staking starting soon.



  • Animoca Brands are planning to raise up to $2B for a metaverse investment fund 
  • Game 7 DAO launches chain-agnostic $100M Grant Program for crypto gaming 
  • Keyrock, crypto market maker and infra provider raises $72M Series B
  • Kiln, an ETH staking-as-a-service platform, raises $17.6 series A
  • Ngrave, a hardware wallet maker, looks to raise $15M series A at $60M valuation
  • Cyvers, crypto cybersecurity solutions company, raises $8M Series A
  • Daylight, crypto perks aggregation platform, raises $3M seed
  • Lyra Finance, options protocol on Optimism, raises $3M strategic round


  • Stripe launches customizable & embeddable fiat-to-crypto on-ramp that can be natively deployed inside any dApp front end
  • Apple blocks latest version of Coinbase Wallet that would enable users to send NFTs to each other as Apple wants its 30% cut of ETH fees for every transaction
  • Magic Eden, leading SOL NFT platform, follows OpenSea’s lead and debuts code allowing new NFT collections to enforce creator royalties
  • CoinStats launches NFT product Midas, partners with ZenAcadamey’s 333 Club
  • Telegram sells $50M worth of usernames on its TON blockchain, Telegram plans to build crypto wallets and DEXs in the future
  • BlockFi’s bankruptcy filings say the company has $355M stuck on FTX
  • Phantom, SOL-based wallet with the best UI/UX in crypto, is expanding functionality to ETH & MATIC
  • OpenSea says creators earned $1B in revenue through royalty payments in 2022
  • DEX volumes double MoM in aftermath of FTX collapse


  • UNISWAP officially integrates NFTs to their platform and launches an NFT aggregator and marketplace
  • BNB — Binance Chain NFTs are now supported on OpenSea
  • MKR/DAI — vote will pass that increases DAI yield to 1%
  • L0/STG/LINK — LINK oracles are now integrated to LayerZero Network
  • FTM — proposes gas monetization program to incentivize and keep builder


The Non Farm Payrolls report last week was better than expected showing a jump in average hourly earnings. This points to fresh inflation risks and more volatility. This new information will be a hot topic at FOMC! 

On December 13, 2022 at 8:30am ET, CPI will be holding their last meeting of the year consider thing they do not have another FOMC until February. This CPI will set the market for the next two months!!


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